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Welcome to my colorful world!

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 Photo courtesy of Cindy Brigeman

Photo courtesy of Cindy Brigeman

Hi There!

"Nobody sees a flower really; it is so small. We haven't time, and to see takes time - like to have a friend takes time." Georgia O'Keeffe

Its so nice to meet you! I am an expressionistic acrylic painter who loves big bold color, lots of flowers, and painting outside. So, get yourself a cup of tea, pull up a comfy chair, and spend some time in my colorful world. 

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The Landscape Notecards are here!

You asked for them, and now they are here - the landscape cards! I'm so excited to add these new cards to my notecard shop. Peaceful cloud strewn skies, or gardens bursting with flowers - there's something for everyone.

Who doesn't love to get a handwritten note in the mail? These days, the only thing in my mailbox is bills and ads, so I'm trying to change that for my friends. Lately, instead of pulling out my book or phone while waiting for appointments, I've been bringing a few notecards and writing to friends while I wait. You can do that too, or, why not write your own birthday message, instead of spending time in the store desperately looking for a card that isn't too sappy, or a mean "you are so old" joke? 

Each notecard set comes with two each of four floral designs with envelopes, and at only $20 a set, they are a bargain. They make great teacher's gifts too! 

Acrylic painting classes at DSMC!

I'm so excited to announce that I will be teaching a painting class at the Dulles South Multipurpose Center this August!

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Paint your vacation!

I love to make paintings of my vacation. It helps me keep that relaxed vacation vibe going even longer, and every time I look at the painting, it brings to mind the cool ocean breezes and lazy days by the shore with family. The main focus of this class is vacations, but you can bring any photo you want  and I will help you create an 11x14" acrylic painting you will be proud to hang in your home.