photo courtesy of Angie Richards

photo courtesy of Angie Richards

Artist’s Statement:

The vast majority of my work focuses on flowers and landscapes. Between April and October you can find me outdoors with the Loudoun Sketch Club; either painting “en plein air,” or with my sketchbook and camera carefully choosing the place I will paint the following week. During the winter months, I spend my time in the studio working from the sketches and photographs I didn’t get to paint during the outdoor painting season, or dreaming of spring by painting bouquets of  flowers.

Flowers fascinate me, and never fail to bring a smile to my face. I’m initially drawn in by the brilliant color, but then I am hooked by the shape of the petals and leaves, the way the light hits the petals, the space in between the stems, or the shadow they cast on the wall. In my paintings, I try to capture their fleeting beauty, and convey the joy I experience while looking at them.

I am drawn to the flowers when painting landscapes as well. If the place I am painting  has a garden or field of wildflowers, that is where you are most likely to find me set up with my easel. Painting with acrylics outdoors is a challenge, because the paint dries up quickly, forcing me to be decisive and calligraphic in my brushwork.

Through my paintings, I strive not to copy my subject, but to use color and expressive brushstrokes to convey how I felt about the scene in front of me, or tell a story about the day. I hope to capture a fleeting moment in time, so those flowers will always be in bloom, or the landxcape will remain unchanged. In our rapidly changing world, it is a blessing to be able to stop for a moment and enjoy your surroundings.


Like most artists, Kim spent most of her childhood obsessed with art. She grew up in Brooklyn NY, where she frequently went on excursions to the many museums in NYC with her mother and aunt. She received a BFA in illustration from Parsons School of Design, after which, she began a 25 year career as a textile designer.

After a few years of working as a textile designer in New York City’s garment district, she moved to San Francisco. The climate of the Bay Area is conducive to being outdoors most of the year, and she spent many weekends hiking and riding her bike throughout the region. After meeting her husband on one of those hilly rides, they left their hearts in the Bay area and moved to Loudoun County, VA to be near family. Kim continued to design fabric while her children were small. By that time, textile design was mainly done on the computer, and Kim began to miss her paintbrushes. After many happy weekends spent at the now closed and dearly missed Art Square in Leesburg, Kim decided to make painting her main focus, and closed the doors on her print designing days.

Her years of designing for fabric are still an influence on her work. Texture, color and pattern are all a strong driving force in her paintings. Flowers were a frequent design element for her, and they still figure prominently in her work. When not in the studio, you can often find Kim in her backyard garden, which she is working to fill with all the flowers she loves to paint, or painting outdoors with the Loudoun Sketch Club. Wherever she goes, she looks for inspiration all around her, whether it is on a hike, out with the Loudoun Sketch Club, or in her own backyard.


Member of the ValeArts group, Loudoun Arts Council, and Artists in Middleburg Gallery. Board member of the Loudoun Sketch Club.