Back to school!

In October, I participated in Part A of the Make Art that Sells online course with the fabulous Lilla Rogers. For five weeks, I awoke each day with great excitement to see what goodies were waiting in my in box. Each day, Lilla brought her enthusiasm, great sense of humor, vast knowledge and incredible advice and we all soaked it up. We got to work with renewed energy and inspiration, trying new things, pushing our boundaries, and playing. The assignments were inspiring and exciting, stretching us in new directions, and opened my eyes to new possibilities. I'm currently reworking all the assignments I did for the class, and incorporating what I learned from the critiques each week. 

Next week, I begin the journey again. Part B of the class begins on Monday, and I can't be more exited! I'm very interested in all the markets we will be covering, and I look forward to the incredible community that comes together with these classes. The online classroom and Facebook group are amazing. My fellow classmates in part A were so helpful and encouraging, whether they were complete newbies, people early in their careers, or highly experienced professionals. The path of an artist can be an isolated one as most artists work alone in their studios. While working, I don't even answer my phone, because speaking even just a tiny bit can break the creative spell. How wonderful it was to be able to go to the online community to post questions, get feedback on work, and have other creative individuals to exchange ideas with. It was just like being in art school again. The biggest difference was that this time around, I was having so much more fun. At Parsons, I was so worried about turning in a project that would earn me good grade, I didn't take the opportunity to experiment and try new things. Of course I wanted to do good work for this class, but I was also there to stretch myself, and explore new ideas. So some of my projects were not as polished as I would have liked them to be, but for me, they were successful in a more important way. The comfort zone I had established for myself now had a great big open door, and I was experimenting, playing and growing in new and exciting ways. I had found the joy in my work again. Now, when I look at my work, and can clearly see the "before MATS" & "after MATS" difference. 

I will try my best to post my completed projects. But I will add this caveat - this class completely takes over my brain, and I may not post everything as soon as I finish it, but I will be sure to catch up on anything I missed posting about when I finish the course.

Happy Painting!

PS - if you are interested in taking this course yourself, (and I highly recommend it!) here is the link: