Holiday greeting card project

Our first assignment for the Make Art that Sells course was to do a holiday greeting card. I decided to hand paint mine, because I have been really enjoying my gouache and watercolors lately. When my back is sore from standing at the easel, I like to sit down at the desk and pull out my watercolors. For this particular project, I decided to use a technique I have been having lots of fun with lately. Using liquid frisket, I painted down some snowflakes, and then watercolored over the top. I love to play with this technique, but it is a time consuming process of painting down the frisket and letting it dry completely before painting the watercolor. When I paint with this technique, I will often work on two or three pieces at the same time, so I'm not just sitting around waiting for things to dry. For this piece, I painted the same image in two different color directions. The other version of this was in brighter, bolder blues similar to the snowflake prints I had done a few months ago. Because the deadline was approaching, I had to pick only one to finish, so I chose this peaceful version. I plan to go back and finish the blue version when class is over, because it has a more festive feel. I like the way color can change the mood of a piece, and its fun to see two different color directions side by side.