Her Morning Graces

I'm not always very good about taking photos of my paintings as I work, but in this case, I took a photo at the end of each painting session. Today, I'd like to show you my progress through my latest painting, Her Morning Graces. 

I've been working exclusively with fresh flowers lately. It all started with my daily painting project (which you can read about here). I quickly learned that I enjoyed painting flowers from life, so I try to finish the painting while the flowers are still alive and right in front of me, rather than working from photographs of the bouquet. 

Shortly after I started this painting, these flowers began to die. I knew I had to get them down quickly, so I focused on the flowers and didn't touch the other parts of the painting until I had the flowers done, figuring that the other items would still be there when the flowers were dead and gone.

Once the flowers were painted, I began to focus on the other parts of the composition. Since I had done the flowers on a different day than the other elements, they felt disconnected with the composition, and I had some touching up to do. As much as I love my little succulent plant, it never felt right in the painting, so it will have to make an appearance in a different painting.

If you have been following my work for a while, you will know that I favor bright colors, so of course I had to liven things up a bit. The tablecloth became green, and more of the brights found their way into the flowers and vase. I felt there needed to be some small flowers and leaves in with the daisies, so I experimented by sticking down torn paper until I had the positioning I liked. 

After sketching in and wiping out a second tea cup many times, I decided to try something different. I felt that area needed something with a little more height, so a sugar bowl took its place. I cut a basic shape out of paper to help me deicide on the size and placement. I often use paper, either torn or cut, as a way to experiment with different colors and shapes before committing to them in paint. 

Her Morning Graces 20 x 24" acrylic on gallery wrap canvas $600

Her Morning Graces 20 x 24" acrylic on gallery wrap canvas $600

After living on the walls of my home for a few weeks, I have tweaked and adjusted until I was satisfied. I hope you have enjoyed seeing how I think through a painting from start to finish. I'm very excited about this new batch of floral paintings, and I will be continuing to work with fresh flowers for a while. There are four new floral paintings on the varnishing table this week. I can't wait to show them to you next week!