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Reflections on My Third Year of Plein Air Painting

Painting outside requires thinking outside the box, flexibility and fast decision making. Every time I go out, I learn something new about painting. In this post, I’ll share with you all I have learned in my third year of plein air painting.

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What I Learned in My Second Season as a Plein Air Newbie

My second season of plein air painting with the Loudoun Sketch Club just ended, and I'm reflecting on all I have learned. Read on to find out what I learned, what I bring and what I leave behind.

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Walking the Walk or, Why I need to get out of the studio from time to time

Sometimes, a few hours out of the studio can lead to many paintings. Walk the Walk is just one of the paintings that has been inspired by my Loudoun Sketch Club trip to Edgegrove farm. You can find out more about this painting and my sketching visit to the farm on my blog today.

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