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Espresso Love

What happens when you paint the same subject every day? When you do one small painting every single day, you can’t help but improve. I’ve recently begun experimenting with oil paints in the “Alla Prima” method. This week’s post is all about my new series of espresso paintings.

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What I Learned in My Second Season as a Plein Air Newbie

My second season of plein air painting with the Loudoun Sketch Club just ended, and I'm reflecting on all I have learned. Read on to find out what I learned, what I bring and what I leave behind.

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Her Morning Graces

Ever wonder how an artist works through a painting from start to finish? In today's post, I will take you step by step through my new painting - Her Morning Graces.  This is one of four new floral pieces that I'm very excited about. They will be released next week, and I can't wait for you to see them all!

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