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Summer Camps at the Clay and Metal Loft 

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Da Vinci's Drawing Workshop

I am so excited to be teaching summer camps at the Clay and Metal Loft this summer! Using the drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci as inspiration, kids will learn to draw while creating inventions based on observations of the world around them.

Leonardo Da Vinci was curious about everything.  He explored the world around him and tried to figure out how things work by drawing them.  He took what he learned and used it to invent interesting things.  In this fun workshop, we will look at the world through Leonardo Da Vinci's eyes.  Looking for inspiration all around us, we will design our own inventions while learning to draw. This camp is being offered two different times. You can choose between the June 18-22nd session or the July 16-20th session. 


Seascape painting workshop


Make your beach vacation last all year long!

Relive your beach vacation all year round by making a painting of it! In this four-week workshop, you will create an acrylic seascape painting based either on your own vacation photos, or those provided by the instructor. Through demonstrations and individual guidance, instructor Kim Richards will meet you at your own skill level and guide you in creating an 11x14” painting on canvas that you will be proud to hang in your home

Four Two hour sessions Wednesday evenings in August - $70 (materials included)