Summer Camps at the Clay and Metal Loft 


Da Vinci's Drawing Workshop

Leonardo Da Vinci was curious about everything.  He explored the world around him and tried to figure out how things work by drawing them.  He took what he learned and used it to invent interesting things.  In this fun workshop, we will look at the world through Leonardo Da Vinci's eyes.  Looking for inspiration all around us, we will design our own inventions while learning to draw.  This class can also be taken in conjunction with Da Vinci's Workshop 3D, where you will actually build the inventions that you design! This camp will also be offered on July 16-20.


Unique U

Have you ever thought about what makes you special? Everyone has something that makes them different from those around them.  In this workshop, we will explore all the wonderful ways you are unique while learning to draw and paint in the process.  Each day, we will explore a different approach to expressing our own unique selves, including making a self-portrait without actually drawing yourself!